IIN Food Pyramid

The Integrative Nutrition Food Pyramid is adapted from the USDA pyramid, and emphasizes the importance of high-quality vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats and water. To complete the picture, our pyramid is surrounded with lifestyle factors that create optimal health. We call these elements primary food:


Being well connected with others is an essential part of life, and the quality of our relationships explains a lot about the quality of our life and our health. Friendships, love and intimacy, touch, sensuality, and effective communication are all key ingredients to personal fulfillment and happiness. Our relationships should fuel the body, mind, and spirit.


Work is a huge part of our daily routine, yet how many of us really enjoy it? Finding you work you love is essential to living a health, balanced life. Each of us has the power to try working for different companies, reinvent our careers, and seek out jobs that we find personally and financially satisfying. Most of us don’t realize the extent to which our lives would improve if we were doing work we loved.

Physical Activity

People need to exercise. Our bodies thrive on movement, and quickly degenerate without it. The challenge is to find the types of exercise you enjoy most, and then build them into your life. You can go rock climbing, paragliding, surfing, in-line skating, or canoeing – or a 30-minute brisk walk every day may be all you need to keep yourself in shape. Your options are endless. Be experimental and find a routine you can nourish yourself with on a regular basis.


We all search for meaning in our lives and feeling at one with the world can help satisfy that longing. Spirituality can feed us on a very deep level and dramatically diminish our cravings for the superficial rewards of life. It’s worthwhile to develop and deepen your spiritual practice, whatever it may be – the traditional religion of your birth, daily meditation, reading inspirational texts, or walking in the woods.

Integrative Nutrition encourages people to look at these aspects of life as a form of nutrition, a way to feed themselves at a much deeper level than food. The food you eat plays a critical role in your health and happiness, and discovering the right food is important.  But the four forms of primary food truly nourish you and make your life extraordinary.

Michelle Davidson


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